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Enterprising Mathematics in Scotland

On Tuesday 22nd November, the Fettes College Maths team, comprising Yiwen S (5th Form), Fraser C (5th Form), Oliver Z (4th Form) and Clara H (4th Form) took part in the Enterprising Maths Competition.  This remarkable competition consisted of 52 schools all of whom had to qualify against other schools in regional qualification events.  Every school in Scotland is invited to a local qualifier. 

After five intense mathematical rounds over the course of the whole finals day at Glasgow science centre, Fettes College triumphed making us the best maths team in Scotland. 

The competition final took place during Scotland maths week on a palindromic date 22/11/22 at the Glasgow Science centre.  Over 200 of the finest mathematicians in Scotland battled for mathematical glory in five highly competitive rounds.

Mr Frazer, Teacher of Maths says “The first round was a team challenge consisting of remarkable problem sheets with margins too narrow to contain our team’s marvellous solutions.  This was followed by a construction round in which our team built a rhombicosidodecahedron, the glory of which makes Newtons mathematical bridge pale into insignificance.  Fettes had made a strong start but had yet to secure the victory. 

“Fettes began the second half of the final shakily, running out of time during the tetrix puzzle.  However, after a word of encouragement from the senior members of the team Fettes began to shine as we all knew they could, producing an emphatic performance on the rest of the board games round to set themselves up to challenge for poll.”

After four intense rounds of battling, it was too close to call with Fettes College and the High School of Glasgow both producing strong performances throughout the competition.  The only way to separate teams at this point was a mathematical relay, a round Fettes have historically been strong in.  During the relay, teams are split into pairs with each pair separated by 8 tables and an adjudicator, and take it in turns to solve questions as fast as they can, passing the baton on to the other pair after each correct solution or two wrong answers.  Fettes College were straight out of the blocks and flew through 25 problems within the allocated time to be crowned mathematical champions of Scotland. 

Congratulations to Fraser C (Team Leader), Yiwen S, Oliver Z and Clara H on a fantastic performance.