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Dalmeny & Kimmerghame House Pantomime

The hint of Christmas spirit is definitely in the air at Fettes, helped on its way by a fantastic pantomime performance of Cinderella from the combined brilliance of Dalmeny and Kimmerghame. With a cunningly re-written version of the play from Mr Boulter-Comer, full of knowing Fettesian references, the 50 or so students involved managed to wow their audiences over three nights with superb comic acting, lively audience participation and some show-stopping song and dance numbers. There was everything you could want from a panto: dastardly villains, heart-warming romance, classic audience banter (oh no you don’t!), witty repartee, slapstick humour (just imagine what could happen with Ugly Sisters and a large tub of moisturiser…) and even some robust congregational singing. Excellently directed and choreographed by Mrs Wearmouth, this joyous celebration of traditional panto with a Fettes twist left its audience wanting more and leaving the theatre with a spring in its step – well done to all involved!