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Combined 2021 A Level & IB Results

Fettes College is pleased to announce the combined results of our 2021 A Level & IB examinations:

38% A* at A Level or 7 at IB

78% A*/A at A Level or 7/6 at IB 

96% A*-B at A Level or 7/6/5 at IB

As Fettes College offers a choice of curriculum in the Sixth Form, only by combining all the results from both curricula can we truly reflect the achievements of our students. These results are testament to the fact that by offering both the IB Diploma and A Level pathways, we play to the strength of all of our pupils. They also reveal the commitment and determination of our students as well as the dedication of our staff.

Throughout the last tumultuous two years, our A Level and IB candidates have shown incredible resilience and maturity.  Every student should be proud of their efforts and celebrate their hard work and commitment to academic excellence. Whatever their next steps, we ask them to remember the skills they have learnt at Fettes and embrace all future opportunities in the knowledge that we are always here to support them. 

We have already published the success of our IB cohort after the results were announced in July (full report here), and today, we are very pleased to report that our A Level cohort has gained an impressive set of results with 33% of all grades awarded A*, 71% A*/A and 88% A*- B grades. In addition, 87% of EPQ (extended project qualification) achieved A* or A. There are many outstanding individual achievements with 6 students deserving special mention for achieving a set of straight A*s, an exceptional achievement demonstrating their academic rigour and diligence.

These combined results have translated into university entrance success with over 87% of our leavers securing their first choice institution including places at Oxford, Cambridge and other prestigious universities in the USA and around the world.

“We were already very proud of our leavers of 2021 for the many accomplishments they achieved throughout their time at Fettes. These impressive results reflect great credit on them and their teachers, rewarding their focused hard work and willingness to think and learn independently in the toughest of years. There are very many successes to be celebrated at all levels of ability and I wish every one of them well in their future endeavours at university and beyond."

Helen Harrison, Head