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College East and Moredun House Play

The beauty of a house play (smaller in scale to our whole-school productions), is that everyone gets involved in the organised chaos of putting on a production (!) using the varied skills of students and house staff alike.  Mr & Mrs Du Vivier were front and centre directing the play whilst other house staff sourced props, sewed costumes, wrote programmes and helped with stage direction.

As well as stand-out individual performances, the entire ensemble came together to deliver a very well put together piece with Mrs Du Vivier commenting:

“Directing this play has been a genuine pleasure primarily because of the opportunity to work with such a fantastic cast, who have brought the script to life from the very first rehearsal. During the performances, the laughter and participation from the audience really enhanced the experience and the actors deserved every bit of the praise.”

The production required a massive team effort from all the students in the houses and Mr McCowan Hill (Housemaster in Moredun) and Mrs Marks (Housemistress in College East) were extremely proud of everyone involved and are eternally grateful to everyone for their dedication, enthusiasm and teamwork.