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Climate Change Week

During the Spring Term our 3rd Form took part in an inter-disciplinary project week focusing on Climate Change. Over the course of the week our students learned about the key data being used to track Climate Change and were asked to consider the ecological implications and differing perspectives on the pace and severity of our changing planet.

Starting the week on a high we were joined by Professor Dave Reay, Executive Director at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (The Edinburgh University) and Policy Director at ClimateXChange, who delivered an excellent lecture to our 3rd Form on the topic of Climate Change.

From a protest around the Fettes grounds to a conservation project at The Glencorse Centre, the 3rd Form attended a variety of enlightening classes and events throughout the week. In Science, Maths, Geography, Languages and History learning was brought to life through interactive learning and experiments.

Providing our students with some of the most practical learning of the week, our Science Department have helped our students gain a greater appreciation of the physical effects on climate change:

  • In our Biology Department, 3rd Form biologists were examining the effects of increasing temperatures on the oxygen concentration of aquatic ecosystems. Students used their findings to discover the implications of rising world temperatures on life in the ocean Earth globe.
  • In Chemistry students explored the actions they can take at home and in their communities to help nurture planet earth. They explored this by calculating their ecological footprint and by replicating the greenhouse effect in the chemistry lab!
  • Even in our Physics Department, Mr Ward guided the 3rd Form in their discovery of the impact of the Earth’s albedo on global warming.

Congratulations to our entire 3rd Form for their hard work and enthusiasm during Climate Change Week! If you would like to read a little more from the week, please click here to read about the conservation project, or click here to see more on the Fettes Learning Twitter account.