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Classics Trip to Greece

Over half-term, 29 students and 3 teachers travelled to Greece for this year’s Classics trip. The varied itinerary included visits to the city of Athens, and the sites of Epidavros, Tiryns, Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi and more. On their travels, students encountered countless magnificent ancient ruins, artefacts, and places. The group was blessed with excellent weather and delicious Greek food throughout the trip, and created wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

One of the highlights of the trip included the visit to Olympia, the home of the ancient Olympic Games, where students partook in their own race in the exact same place where it would have happened back then, with Arthur W (Carrington 5th Form earning the victor’s crown.

The students said that: “Overall, our exploration of Delphi was a highlight of the trip. The oracle of Delphi plays a significant role in ancient literature, especially Greek tragedy, and therefore, it was extraordinary for everyone on the trip to stand in the very same place as characters that we have come across in our classical studies.”

 “Our trip to Greece was an amazing experience, and we were privileged enough to be travelling with teachers who were able to guide us through every element that we went to see – meaning that we learnt and appreciated Ancient Greece far more than if we were travelling of our own accord. Everyone had a fantastic time, and although our busy schedule kept us moving about constantly, we were all so grateful for the number of sites and places we were able to visit in such a short space of time and gained some amazing memories.”

Thanks go to all involved in making the trip such a success.