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Celebrating Learning From Home

We all know that praise and encouragement are key to successful learning but it becomes especially important during Learning From Home as face-to-face contact is virtual. So our weekly academic round-ups not only cover some of the exceptional examples of work our students are producing but also give a shout-outs to those pupils showing true resilience and consistently going above and beyond. 


An impressive Biology project done by 4th Form Toby C on the effects of drugs on synaptic transmission. 


Well done to L6th students Sean Y and Temi A who are consistently producing great work this term. Both 4th Form students Enoch L, for his fantastic work in the tricky electromagnetism topic, and Tess D for most improved pupil in her set deserve special mention too.


All 3rd Form math students, are currently trying to measure the height of their house/building by making clinometers and using trigonometry. We’re really looking forward to seeing some of the videos they produce. A special mention must go to Connie T and Flora M who have put in lots of effort in Maths trying to understand inequalities and percentages and Will H and Ramsay M who have been very proactive about asking for help and extremely engaged/participative during group calls..

Ms Maguire and Ms Spencer have been incredibly impressed with the progress and commitment demonstrated by L6th student Haajrah A. The level of detail and understanding in her work is excellent and she has definitely made superb use of the time that she has. 

Modern Languages

Fantastic work being produced by our L6th students and in particular three students who have completed and shown a huge input in Spanish; Julia B, Doga A and Izzy T. Their high standards of work and organisation are simply amazing and eases a lot the difficulties that teachers sometimes face when marking remotely.

Remember, even if your name is not on this list, we are proud of the work you are producing and you should be too. All our students adaptability, time management and community connectivity has been heartening to say the least.