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Celebrate Robbie Burns with Executive Chef Ally

The traditional Burns Supper began a few years after the famous Scottish poet passed in 1796. It is a celebration of all things Scottish and to honour Robert Burns' memory.

The night’s celebrations would usually consist of poetry recitals, haggis-eating, toasts and a chaotic ceilidh. Most famous of all the traditions is the recitation of Address to A Haggis, a poem written by Burns in 1786. This is usually performed by a member of staff who captivates the students with their rendition, before cutting open the haggis. (see photos from last year's celebrations on the left)

As we are all unable to celebrate Robert Burns Day together our Executive Chef Ally has kindly prepared a video teaching us how we can replicate the fantastic classic recipes at home. He shares with us how to make and plate haggis, neeps and tatties like a pro and his special recipe for Cranachan. 

Sláinte Mhath (Good Health) to all the Fettes community! 

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties Video: 

Cranchan Video: