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CCF Uniforms

The Fourth Form have had a slightly varied start to their Fettes CCF career but they have quickly reached the standard expected as we approach half-term. Currently working within their boarding house groups the students have covered all of the initial basics and although delayed, we have now been able to issue their CCF uniform. The Cadets received everything they could possibly need from head to toe and this allows them to progress onto ‘Fieldcraft training’; operating within our wooded areas and implementing camouflage and concealment skills. In addition the Fourth Form will now learn how to correctly wear the uniform, maintain its cleanliness and maybe even introduce it to an iron? They have been given boots, socks, trousers, shirts and a smock, which is a military jacket.

Notably the Cadets have also been issued with their Tam O’Shanter (referred to as a ‘TOS'), this is Scottish headdress and should be worn with pride. Currently the Cadets are without a ‘Cap Badge' and this is significant as it is signifies the next level of Cadet progression. Within the Fettes College Contingent we have our own Cap Badge and it is awarded to the Cadets once they have completed the training and challenges of their fieldcraft assessment, this will take place later this term. 

We are very proud to have Fettes students complete a period of time within the Cadet organisation and receiving military uniform is a huge step within this experience.