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CCF Parade and Leavers' Chapel Service

On the 19th May the Fettes CCF Contingent held a formal parade to mark the end of the voluntary service for our 30 SNCO leavers. Lt Col. Nick Ord (CEUOTC) was our guest speaker and Inspecting Officer. A contemporary of Mr Stanford’s at Oxford, Colonel Ord joined the Black Watch and during his ten years in the Army served in Kosovo and Iraq as well as being the man who lowered the British flag for the final time in Hong Kong. On leaving the Army he requalified as a doctor at Edinburgh University and now works as an A&E doctor at the Borders General Hospital. Colonel Ord continues to serve as the Commanding Officer for Edinburgh University Officers Training Corps and we are very grateful for the on-going support that the Edinburgh OTC give to our CCF.

This year the parade took a different format with almost 200 Cadets, consisting of the entire Army section and the Pipe Band, marching through the school grounds, carrying out an ‘eyes right’ to the Inspecting Officer and Headmaster. 60 proud parents then followed the Contingent into Chapel where Colonel Ord addressed the cadets about his experience of leadership challenges.

Post Chapel, the entire parade formed up in front of the Bryce building awaiting the formal inspection. Lt Col. Nick Ord inspected the leavers while Major Rowlands, Captain Stanford and Sgt Burns inspected the 4th Form Company. Departing Regimental Sergeant Major Hugo Edlmann then marched off the leavers for the last time. Just in front of the small crowd of parents, they threw their TOS’s into the air, the iconic moment marking the end of their 12-term service. 

Post inspection the guests and leavers went for a well-deserved lunch and had plenty of opportunities for photographs with the CCF Colours that were on display throughout the parade. Our CCF leavers have worked incredibly hard over the last 12 months, their service is much appreciated and has greatly enhanced the experience for the junior cadets.

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