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CCF Overnight and Field Day

Just before Rec Leave, Senior CCF leaders deployed into Castlelaw Training Area to complete their final command exercise. The Senior Cadets were treated to a spectacular aviation trip around the Pentland hills in 2 “Merlin” helicopters which were kindly provided by the Royal Navy. This phenomenal opportunity will stay with the Cadets for a long time. The pilots put on a real show, rear and side doors were left open, the helicopter banked over Glencorse Reservoir and the Cadets were fizzing with excitement.

On completion the Cadets moved into their overnight Harbour (a military term for a secure campsite) before they cooked dinner and prepared their administrative areas. On Friday 5th May the Cadets were tasked to move North on foot for 4km while carrying their full expedition kit. The field day consisted of a paintball lane, advanced tactics and command discussions. This 24-hour period proved extremely useful to bond the command structure of the CCF and prepare them for commanding the Fourth and Fifth Form companies.

Lt Monair and Major Rowlands (CCF Staff) couldn’t be prouder of their hard work and commitment to the Contingent, this exercise proved that they are ready for the responsibility and privilege of command. Good luck everyone.