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CCF NCO Dinner Night

On Sunday 14th January the Fettes Combined Cadet Force held their annual Senior Cadet Dinner Night. This is a fantastic opportunity to host external guests who offer phenomenal opportunities for the Contingent, the Fettes Cadet Force staff and the Senior cadets who lead the contingent on a weekly basis. The Dinner night is a superb evening and this year 24 guests were superbly hosted. Discussions about leadership, command challenges and various exercise stories filled the Fettes Dining Hall.

The evening concluded with speeches from Major Rowlands, SUO Connie Gray and Cadet RSM Iona McN.  

SUO Connie Gray is an Old Fettesian, who, on completing the Fettes CCF Leadership course, went to St Andrews University where she joined the Tayforth Officer Training Corps. Connie has risen through the ranks and is currently the top Officer Cadet within her unit. We wish Connie every success at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst next year. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her experiences within the Fettes Contingent and how those opportunities have helped prepare her for future challenges. 

Cadet RSM Iona McN closed the evening with a comical and heartfelt thank you to the Fettes Cadet staff. Iona addressed her peers with great advice on the current selection process, the challenges of Command and what it means to lead the largest activity within Fettes College. 

Special mentions go to Head of Army Elise A who was ‘Vice’ for the evening. This role is essentially Master of Ceremonies at a military function. The strong and confident voice of Elise was heard across the busy Dining Hall and the event ran smoothly with precision timings. We would expect nothing less from our diligent Warrant Officer Class 1. 

Pipe Major Henry R piped in the guests and performed incredibly well. We are very proud of the Pipe Band and the role they play within the Contingent. Henry was joined by a number of other musicians who also attended the dinner night. 

The Fettes Contingent grows from strength to strength and the current Upper Sixth are soon to be replaced as they select their replacements from the Lower Sixth. The Command Selection process is underway and we look forward to announcing promotions in March 2024.