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CCF Field Day

On Thursday 5th May, 130 Cadets deployed onto Castlelaw training Area in the Pentland Hills. The exercise was to consolidate the field work and teamwork skills that the 4th Form have been developing throughout their compulsory year of CCF Service.

The evening part of the exercise was led almost entirely by the new Lower 6th CCF Seniors who occupied checkpoints, gave orders to the Platoons and supported the Cadets as they setup for the dark hours. Whilst the evening was a challenge, Major Rowlands, head of CCF, was extremely impressed with their resilience, self-motivation and teamwork.

Friday started with a 6am Reveille which prepared the cadets for a series of 6 educational stands within the training area, including medical training. On their return to Fettes College, the students enjoyed a much-needed Recommended Leave weekend.

Major Rowlands said “The exercise was fantastic, the 4th Form flourished after a challenging evening and lack of sleep, true Fettesian spirit was on display. Well done to all those in attendance.”