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It was a very busy couple of days for our College students at the end of last week– the whole of our 4th Form completed their first CCF Overnight exercise within the school grounds, with cadets from 5th form and L6th Sixth joining them the next day to take part in CCF Field day. The remaining 5th form and L6th students (non CCF students) took part in some useful volunteering opportunities.

CCF Overnight and Field Day:

After a rather sleepless night for our fourth form, the Cadets woke up in Kimmerghame Woods, packed away their equipment and headed to the Cricket Pavilion for a well-deserved breakfast serviced by Mrs. Harrison and Lt. Gausinet .The Field Day officially began with an incredible Police Dog display. Cadets witnessed the incredible control and training that goes in to working with the dogs.

The Field Day was a rotation of different team building and interest stands run by Fettes CCF staff, external military guests and some local emergency services. The stands were:

  • Military Intelligence - a code breaking challenge where the students had to work as a team and trust their logical thought.
  • Communication Challenges - learning the art of clear and precise communication within a limited time window. Cadets were encouraged to use brevity and had to prioritise what was really essential. A new phrase for using the radios - “Press to Talk” not "Press to Think”
  • Emergency Incident Management - Cadets were faced with a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) and introduced to the management of the area, casualty triage and sensible decision making.
  • Police Scotland - Cadets were shown a very insightful presentation on the challenges faced by Police Officers and the equipment they have to deal with these situations.
  • Paintball Stand - Cadets had the chance to work as a small team firing at targets dotted around KI wood, a Cadet favourite!
  • Military Tactics - Soldiers from the Scottish and Northern Irish Yeomanry introduced the Cadets to specialist equipment and the various types of observation equipment that would help soldiers find items amongst a busy landscape.

The Field Day was a busy day for the Cadets and they scratched the surface of many new and exciting activities that are common place within the Combined Cadet Force.

Service Day

Our 5th form and L6th students were given the opportunity to undertake some very useful volunteering opportunities

See below the number of volunteering opportunities the students took part in:

  • Students helped support Macmillan Coffee Mornings at local Prep Schools and at the Western General.
  • Students got to shadow doctors and nurses in wards at the Western General.
  • A large group of students visited Hopetoun House with Green Scotland to renovate parts of the woods.
  • Students helped to cut back the salmonberry on Corstorphine Hill. 
  • Students helped at the Newhaven Community Garden potting and replanting of shrubs. 
  • Students visited Columba1400 and spent time helping to organise packs for their participants in leadership academies. 
  • Students helped at St Cuthbert’s with cleaning and gardening in preparation for their upcoming conference. 
  • Many of our 5th form lean't about The Rock Trust and the work that they do to improve the situation for many homeless people in Scotland.  They learn’t about how to deal with people in preparation for an awareness raising day in October which will be held at Waverley Station.  
  • Our Service and DoE prefects spent time with Drummond International learning about values based leadership training and working out how they could have a positive influence on the service programme within school.

The feedback from the placements has been very positive with longer term opportunities being secured due to the impressive work ethic and attitude of our Fettesians.


All huge thanks to everyone that took part in this day!