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The PSE Prefects organised a varied and fun filled themed week emphasising the importance of caring, sharing and supporting in all aspects of our daily lives and particularly during the examination season.

The week kicked off with ‘Me Time Monday’, when facemasks and manicures were offered to pupils in each house after prep.

‘Talk to me Tuesday’ stressed the importance of speaking out to those around you and listening to friends when they require extra support. Our PSE prefects donned t-shirts for the day with the message ‘Talk to Me’ and encouraged pupils to chat to peers whom they would not usually talk to.

On ‘Work Together Wednesday’ a giant inflatable table football game and bubble football appeared on the Beeches and students took the opportunity to let off steam through fun and collaborative teamwork.

Leaders from the company danceSing held a wonderful singing and dancing session over lunchtime on ‘Thrive with me Thursday’, where pupils embraced the opportunity to release endorphins, try out a range of different dance styles and sing ‘We are the Champions’ with boundless enthusiasm and energy.

Fun Friday rounded off Care Share Support Week with an Own Clothes Day in aid of the charity SuperTroop. The PSE prefects set the whole school the challenge to find 10 ‘Care Bears’ which they hid all over the College Campus and nutritious smoothies were provided by the fabulous catering team over lunchtime.

Congratulations to the PSE Prefects on a fantastic week reminding us of how vital caring, sharing and supporting are to our health and wellbeing.