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BBC Panorama

The following statement was provided to BBC Panorama in relation to their programme about a teacher called Mr Wares who came to Fettes from Edinburgh Academy in the 1970s, and who is currently in South Africa fighting extradition.

“We sincerely and unreservedly apologise to those who suffered and deeply regret what they went through. As we said at the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, the school is sorry that it continued to allow Wares to teach after 1975, and therefore to abuse, despite knowing that he had already abused. The school is sorry that it allowed him to complete the term when further abuse was reported in 1979. He should have been dismissed. He should have been reported to the police. He should have been prosecuted.

“While the school’s entire culture of safety and welfare is unrecognisable from the past, we took the opportunity of the Inquiry to carefully listen, reflect and learn.

“A rigorous approach to safeguarding is central to the ethos of the school."

Fettes is one of several schools participating in the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry (SCAI). We have engaged fully with SCAI and believe in its aims.  

We have been communicating with our alumni (Old Fettesians) about SCAI over the last 6+ years. We have encouraged, and continue to encourage, anyone who suffered abuse to come forward and contact the police, and the SCAI

We appreciate that the content of this communication and the programme itself will be upsetting. If you are affected by the content and need support you may wish to contact The Survivors’ Trust.