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Arniston Summer BBQ

On Saturday, Arniston hosted the annual Arniston BBQ and luckily the sun managed to come out to make a lovely summer’s evening. Bigside was filled with a number of fun activities, for example the gladiator duel, trampolines and laser tag.

The food was provided by the amazing dining hall team, and everyone loved the German food theme, especially the Bratwurst!  The raffle that was run by the Arniston Lower 6th and superb!  Everyone that attended got the chance to spin the raffle wheel, pick a ticket at random and they were given a prize if their ticket matched the ticket on the prize.

Overall, the night was massively enjoyed by all year groups. A HUGE thank you must go to Mrs Nicol and the Arniston Lower 6th for organising the event and to the dining hall staff for making such great food for the BBQ.

Article by Lucy R, Arniston