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An insightful focus on Climate for the Sixth Form

With hope for the climate crisis, focus is on COP28.  In October we launched our insightful global Sixth Form programme – This Will Be Your World providing students with crucial global perspectives.  We began with a focus on Climate with sessions to follow on Inequality & Justice, Global Resources, Geopolitical Transformation and Population.

We are extremely grateful for the input and insight from OF and UN Climate Change expert, Martin Lees (CE 1955-1960) who has helped us to shape this programme. 

Our students attended an insightful panel session with OF Hamish Goldie-Scot (Ar 1967-1972), Independent Consultant focussing on sustainable economic outcomes for public infrastructure investments in transition & developing countries, Hamish is also a guest lecturer on the MPhil Engineering for Sustainable Development course at the University of Cambridge.   Fellow panelist was Wai-Shin Chan (Gl 1993-1998), Head of Climate Change Centre for Excellence and Global Head of ESG Research. Both Hamish and Wai-Shin are hugely experienced and have experience of many international forums to drive global change. The panel was chaired by Mrs Hannah Cockburn (Staff 2013-present), Teacher of Geography. Questions were led by Sixth Form student representative, Sofia T (Da 2022-2024)

The vision for our This Will Be Your World series is to be thought provoking and to encourage students to think more widely about key global issues.  Each and every one of them will take a different path in life beyond Fettes.  The climate issue will be a backdrop that they will all need to navigate, in many different guises.

The session had a real impact and clearly communicated some key issues and challenges, providing students with areas for further consideration. 

Hamish Goldie-Scot provided insight and shared his experiences of engineering challenges in developing countries alongside the inefficiencies, corruption, and the availability of finance to make adaptive change.

Wia-Shin, provided insight into the role of finance in the ‘climate transition’.  A company’s desire and need to be greener and appear greener affects the whole supply chain, creating opportunities for decarbonisation and positive change for the planet. Questions were answered around ‘green evaluation’, looking beyond the marketing, looking at the sustainability, culture and the motivations as well as the corporate policies and the evidence. 

We look forward to developing this topic with the Sixth Form and to preparing further sessions as part of the This Will Be Your World programme.