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Advent Sunday - SIPR Training

Advent Sunday dawned blue and bright and frosty.  Undaunted by the ice, the Scottish Islands Peaks Race squad met for an 0800 departure to the Pentland Hills.  The hills just outside Edinburgh are good terrain for running training and the views across the city to the Firth of Forth made all the scampering up slopes worthwhile.  It turned out that the ice underfoot did make for some challenging descents, but all twelve Lower Sixth pupils kept going for the 13-kilometre route.  The map shows the challenge:  the start, by the lakes, was charming, but from the Howe at the foot of the Logan Burn, it was a succession of five peaks and then back to the minibus to make it back to Fettes in time for Sunday brunch.

The Scottish Islands Peaks Race is really an adult adventure.  In May 2020, teams will sail from Oban on the west coast of Scotland.  Yachts will sail from island to island and runners will race up and down mountains on the islands of Mull, Jura and Arran.  The running training that we do on Sundays is to get the pupils ready to tackle routes such as the 19mile ascent and descent of Goatfell on Arran.

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