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Academic News - Maths and History

Learning from Home has come with some challenges, but it has also brought with it many opportunities including developing independence, creativity and communication skills for our Fettes students. 


In Mathematics, there is now an added layer of communication difficulty to each piece of work produced, as more than ever it is important that pupils show clear working out so that teachers can ensure the techniques are fully understood.  

4th Form Mathematicians have been taking this communication challenge to the next level by recording videos of worked examples, seizing the opportunity to practice teaching challenging methods to classmates. Confidence and depth of understanding is required in order to explain each step of working out and talk continuously for several minutes, using correct Mathematical terminology throughout. The quality of work produced by the pupils is testament to the hard work they have put in over the past few weeks. The new range of skills they are developing over this time will certainly serve them well in the future!  

Take a look at the video 4th Forth student Rory P created showing the process of 'Plotting inequalities on a graph and then how to show the region which satisfies all three inequalities' 


3rd Form History students are currently learning about the Battle of Britain and were asked to create a news article on this topic.  Well done to both Annabelle P and Mehar K for their highly creative BBC news reports on said subject and their excellent presentation skills. 

Take a peak at Mehar K's authentic News Round presentation.