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On Sunday, 18th August a group of Old Fettesians gathered on Orkney for the annual Northern Isles lunch. The event was kindly hosted by Northern Isles OFA Co-ordinator, Barbara Graham (Gl 1975 -1977) who proudly displays the OFA flag in her garden welcoming Old Fettesians to her home.

A note from Barbara Graham about the event

"A group of us met for very convivial pre-lunch drinks at my home, Ingleside, Kirkwall, where the 12 who were gathered to go on to lunch were joined for drinks by Sandra Leslie, wife of George Leslie (Ca 1949-1952), a much loved cousin and fellow Kirkwall resident, who was unfortunately unable to join us in person.

The sun shone and we were able to spill out from the house onto the decking overlooking Kirkwall Bay where the OFA flag was flown from the flagpole. Once we’d all had a drink and photocall by the flagpole (thanks for photography to Jeremy Brown), we walked along to The Kirkwall Hotel for an excellent lunch. The hotel has recently been refurbished and all agreed that the food was most enjoyable.

In addition to Barbara Graham (Gl 1975-1977) and Ian MacIntyre (Ca 1953-1958) the majority of the party consisted of a group of OFs holidaying in Orkney which comprised Nichola Lyons (JS-CE 1984-1990), Jason Lyons (Gl 1988-1990), Ali Ross (JS-Gl 1981-1990), Andrew Rhodes (JS-Gl 1981-1989), Justin Lyons (Gl 1994-1997), along with non-OFs Sarah Ross, Jeremy & Alexandra Brown and, possibly a first for an OF event, the fantastically well-behaved future Fettesians (2021) Izzy Lyons (age 9) and Jamie Lyons (age 4).

Thanks to all who joined the event, it was great fun and a pleasure to host, Floreas Fettesia.

The only sadness was that my dear brother, Eric J M Graham (Gl 1970-1975), who had attended all previous Nothern Isles OFA lunches and was a very proud OF,  a loyal supporter of both FetLor and the OFA, could not be with us as he died (much too young) in April 2019; we missed his presence, great conversation and conviviality.

All locally based OFs are invited to join these very relaxed and enjoyable annual lunches, don’t be shy, just do it! I’m happy to host, but I need your support please"

The 2020 Northern Isles lunch will be held in Kirkwall, if any OFs are planning a visit to Orkney in 2020 please feel free to get in touch with Barbara and let her know your plans, perhaps the 2020 lunch can be arranged to coincide with your visit? If you would like to get in touch with Barbara email