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Old Fettesians and spouses made their way to Dresden from six different countries, by land, sea, road and rail to take part in the 2019 Eurozone weekend on 13-15 September organised by Cordelia Pilz (née Harrison) (Ar 1982-84). The highlights were many – historical, culinary, musical and visual, not to mention the wonderful weather.

The weekend started with a casual dinner in the Augustiner bar and restaurant, known for its traditional Bavarian beer and cuisine.  Needless to say, the party took full advantage of the opportunity to sample such delights as Wiener schnitzel, spaetzle, roast duck and goulash, before turning to the more serious business of pudding. And of course, there was some liquid refreshment as well.

On Saturday morning we met our guide next to the statue of Martin Luther in Dresden’s main square and enjoyed a wonderful walk through the city, seeing such highlights as the Frauenkirche, Semperoper and the Zwinger gallery. We learnt lots about August the Strong as well as the innovative spirit of Dresden – Dresden citizens were responsible for some critical inventions including the teabag, the coffee filter and – ladies take note – the brassiere! 

We transferred to a bus to see some more of the city, including some beautifully restored villas, and then took a ride in the funicular railway, opened in 1895, for lunch and some wonderful views over the city.

After lunch it was back down the hill and a stroll across the “Blaues Wunder” bridge, so named for its original colour when it opened in 1893. We then transferred to our next means of transport and travelled back to the city centre via boat, sailing past further examples of Dresden’s impressive architectural history, the Albrechtsberg Palace, Eckberg Palace and the Lingner Palace. The rest of the afternoon was free, and spent variously shopping, sightseeing and snoozing.

We met again in the evening for our formal Old Fettesian dinner. This was held in a magnificent private room in a restaurant on the bank of the Elbe.  We enjoyed Sekt on the terrace before being piped into dinner by Anthony Orr (CE 1964-68) – much to the delight of the tourists wandering past. Our delicious dinner was accompanied by excellent wine from a local Saxon vineyard and ended with an enthusiastic rendition of Floreas Fettesia – accompanied by Anthony Orr, now on the guitar. Benjamine Giovannoni sang a beautiful solo for us and then after some more group singing we returned to the hotel for a nightcap and discussions about next year’s event.

The weekend was attended by 18 OFs and partners, many of whom took the opportunity to take their time journeying to Dresden and back home, visiting cities such as Meissen and castles such as Colditz on the way. 

OFs in attendance were Chris Anderson (CE 1957-1962), Jeffrey Giovannoni (Ki 1989-1994), Norval Gough (Ar 1976-1980), Charles Jeffrey (Ki 1965-1969), Christopher (SH 1974-1979) and Nina Milne (Ar 1983-1985), Anthony Orr (CE 1964-68), Alexander (Sandy) Orttewell (Ca 1954-1959), Cordelia Pilz (Ar 1982-84) and Peter Rockwell (CE 1957-1961).