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Our Lifting The Lid events give current students the invaluable opportunity to meet with members of the Fettes community who are currently working in a career field they are interested in. From Finance to Media, Sport to Architecture, we are able to run these events thanks to the generous support of our alumni and parent body.

For our Not-For-Profit event, we were so grateful to the twenty representatives from a huge spread of sectors; environment, sustainability, art, health, museums, grants and trusts, homelessness, social enterprise, international development and conservation.

It was fascinating for students to speak informally to these professionals regarding career pathways and to appreciate that there are many ways to get started in your professional career. 

We received some lovely feedback from the representatives that attended, remarking that ‘many of the pupils seemed genuinely interested in getting involved with us through volunteering’ and that ‘the pupils were able to practice thoughtful and intelligent questioning which is a good networking skill for them for the future, it was a pleasure to meet them’.