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Fettes College Catering Department has been working in partnership with the Scran Academy to create freshly prepared meals to distribute to the most vulnerable in Edinburgh during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Alongside staff volunteers and Old Fettesians, our Catering Manager James Wood and Executive Chef Ally MacDonald have ensured delicious and nutritious meals are safely made for the people of Edinburgh. By the end of June, the Fettes team will have made over 20,000 meals; averaging at over 2000 meals a week. 

The work of Scran Academy has been vital to the people of Edinburgh over the last month and they have now reached over 10,000 free meals all due to volunteers, partners and an overriding sense of community. 

"Fettes is committed to doing all we can to support our local community and strengthening the community connections we already have especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. When approached by Scran Academy, who we already have ties with through Fetlor Youth Club, we wanted to assist in whatever way we could. By providing our kitchens and trained volunteer staff we aim to support the incredible ongoing work of Scran Academy and ensure that they can positively impact more people in Edinburgh in need of warm, nourishing, safely prepared food." Helen Harrison, Head of Fettes College

A huge note of thanks to Mr Wood, Mr MacDonald and the Fettes volunteers including; Mr & Mrs Collister, Captain Rowlands, Calum Davidson (friend of Fettes) and Old Fettesians Pippa Worlledge (CW 09-14), Lucie Worlledge (PS-CW 09-19) and Kate Harrison (PS-AR 09-19). Alongside all the other incredible volunteers for Scran Academy, you are really making a difference to the lives of our neighbours in Edinburgh. 

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