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Old Fettesians of British Columbia held a dinner on November 7, 2019, once again at Amici’s Restaurant in West Vancouver, complete with menus printed in the OF motif, and a selection of grilled salmon, braised chicken, rack of lamb, or penne gusto.

Nine OF’s attended: A.F.B.(Andrew) Milligan (SH 1938-1941); D.G. (David) Hunter (Gl 1948-1953);  P.N.(Nigel) Grant (Ca 1949-1952);  A.A.(Sandy) Aird (Ki 1955-1959);  A.J.(Jonathan) Maillie (CE 1956-1960); M.J.H. (Mike) Weddle (Ki 1956-1959); R.D.T. (Denis) Morris (CE 1967-1972); M.L.H.(Mike) Robertson (Ca 1967-1972);  R (Becky) Ewart-White (Ar 1993-1997)

At last we had an Old Fettesienne in attendance, a welcome change from all the curmudgeon talk. Also in attendence our 95 year veteran Andrew Milligan.

As usual, a good evening was had by all. 

If there are any new “Old” Fettesians and Fettesiennes in British Columbia, please make your presence known to Nigel Grant at: