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On Friday 28th February a very happy gathering took place in Little Bollington at the Swan with Two Nicks, courtesy of Richard Robson (CW 1957-1962) whose establishment this is. Richard joined us with his wife Maggie and his son James (JS-Gl 1985-1993) and his partner Lisa. We are very grateful to Richard for his continued support of this event.

In total some 17 OFs and their guests attended to catch up and reminisce about their shared memories of Fettes College.

The event was ably organised once again by Norman Rowbotham (Ca 1963-1968), for which the guests were very thankful. They were also joined by Nicola Pickavance, Director of Development at Fettes College, who addressed the assembled company to update them on all things Fettes.

She brought with her a message from Helen Harrison, the Head of Fettes as well as news of the many things our 766 Fettesians have been getting up to lately. She urged guests to keep an eye on and for life to keep up to date with Fettes news.

She also spoke about the forthcoming 150th anniversary of Fettes and the 50th anniversary of girls joining the school, which is being celebrated from September this year. Central to these plans is the publication of a beautiful coffee table book entitled Fettes: Our Place, which can be pre-ordered at a special price here.  

Guests were also treated to Allan Paterson (SH 1975-1979) addressing the haggis with great aplomb.

It was especially lovely to welcome some new and returning faces to this dinner, but sad that some regular attenders were unable to join this warm and welcoming gathering this year.

We do hope that next year there will be a fantastic turn out when OFs gather in the North West, so that we can celebrate Fettes special birthday and take a moment to remember what Fettes means to us.