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Congratulations to OF Katy Dalglish (CE 2012-2017) on her appointment as Athletic Union President for 2021/22 at the University of Exeter. The campaign took place under several COVID restrictions, so it is an even greater achievement for Katy given the difficult circumstances. We heard from Katy shortly after the announcement:

“Initially I found the campaign process quite daunting, since it was unlike anything I have ever done before, but once I got started, I really enjoyed it - despite it being hard work! It was different this year under the circumstances, as no ‘in-person’ campaigning was allowed, it all had to be virtual. As a result, I felt that I had to be very present on social media and really think outside of the box in order to get people’s attention. Speaking to lots of other Club Captains about how they thought university sports could be improved was very helpful and I also had a lot of fun making promo videos for social media! I was fortunate to have a very good campaign team helping me throughout the week and I learnt a lot from them as well as the process as a whole. I’m very excited to begin working this Summer and hope that I can achieve the goals I have outlined in my manifesto. In short, these are to make sports more inclusive, particularly focusing on disability sports, to provide more opportunities for beginners and to support students further by providing more training opportunities for Club Committee members.”

We wish Katy the best of luck in her new role from all of us at Fettes College.