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OF Regional Representative for Western Canada, Nigel Grant (Ca 1949-1952) arranged for OFs to gather in West Vancouver on the 27th of October.

Nigel writes:

We were very pleased to have two 2022 leavers in attendance, Harry Marson (PS-Ki 2011-2022) and Taylor Torkington (Ki 2017-2022), who fitted in very well with us oldies. In fact there was an 80 year age span between the oldest and these two youngsters!

Those in attendance were:

Andrew Milligan MBE (SH 1938-1941) our resident nonagenarian at 98 years old;  Nigel Grant (Ca 1949-1952;  Sandy Aird (Ki 1955-1959);  Jonathan Maillie (CE 1956-1960); Mike Weddle (Ki 1956-1959); Derek Morris (CE 1966-1971); Mike Robertson (Ca 1967-1972);  Harry Marson (Ki 2017-2022); Taylor Torkington (Ki 2017-2022).