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Colin Gilchrist (Ki 1980-1984) has adapted one of his entrepreneurial businesses to support the control of COVID-19 in society by critically supporting the ability to test, control, understand and help to support the return of social and economic stability. This is based on the clear correlation between more testing, more knowledge, more understanding and by result, more control.

His business, Circular1 Health is partnering with scientists, organisations and experts in their field to deliver much needed testing services, currently providing a SARS-CoV-2 virus genome testing service to support the diagnosis of COVID-19 in their London and Manchester Laboratories.

The firm are also currently engaged in seeking a robust antibody testing system from several UK suppliers who are involved in ‘crash’ programmes to bring this blood testing method to market as rapidly as possible. Once satisfied with the accuracy of these antibody tests Circular1 Health will be adding these to their service

Colin tells us that his firm also works in partnership with organisations to adapt their workplaces to keep viruses out with an anti-virus entry system. This includes, automated hand sanitising entry systems, additional biosecurity measures such as assessing surfaces that are regularly touched by personnel and using motion sensing cameras to identify population density hot spots. Subsequent data modelling then supports the ability to design personnel flow throughout company facilities to minimise risk of compromising social distancing in the workplace.

“Fettes encourages both team work and creative thought, this stimulated in me both strategic problem solving and empathy. Circular1 started off life providing non-recyclable waste to energy units that allow both additional ecosystems and off-grid energy supply. In our development of the business we worked with scientists who developed rapid testing for both TB and BSE both locally and internationally. When learning of COVID-19 we challenged them to adapt their methods and technology; we are proud to be supporting PHE (Public Health England) in their endeavours to test, track and trace this virus. If you would like to find out more follow us on social media channels or our website:”

“I trust everyone is using this environment we find ourselves the opportunity to learn new skills, to focus on the opportunity this situation has created and to stay safe!”