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We are immensely proud of OF Anthony Gilbert (Gl 2001-2005) who has put his PhD studies on hold to return to full time clinical physiotherapy as a deputy physio lead during Covid19. He is the deputy physio lead at NHS Nightingale in London and is practicing a mixture of respiratory physio on ITU and rehabilitation on the step down ward. He was part of the team that took in the very first Covid19 NHS Nightingale patient on 7th April.

We asked Anthony what made him return to the clinical setting at this time and whether he feels that Fettes has had an influence on his career to date.

“Most clinical trained staff have been redeployed during Covid19. At the beginning of April volunteers were asked to form the first wave of clinical staff. I felt, as I have developed the required critical care skills required on the ITU, it was important to contribute in some way. I initially volunteered to be redeployed across London but was then selected to join the Nightingale rosta. Very soon after starting I was pulled into the physio leadership team. My role now is a mixture of clinical care and supporting clinical staff.

Fettes gave me opportunities to try my hand at new (and at times scary) things that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I developed skills to deal with this at Fettes which has served me well so far and I have relied on these skills heavily over the past few weeks!”

Thank you to Anthony and all the other wonderful NHS staff, carers and volunteers who making such a contribution to the UK at this time.

NHS Nightingale, London is in the Excel exhibition centre that was transformed into a unit capable of treating 4,000 critically ill people in the space of nine days.

If you are an OF and you are working or volunteering to combat the effects of Covid19, please get in touch to tell us your news.