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OF Alastair Shepherd (Mo 1973-1977) has been appointed as the new custodian of the Scottish Barony Register, effective 1st December 2020.

As a current partner of Coulters Legal LLP, Alastair is due to retire from private practice in April 2021 after 40 years as a solicitor with Brodies, Henderson and Jackson WS and Coulters. Since qualifying in 1981, he has been involved in the sale and purchase of barony titles. He is also a writer to the Signet and notary public. We spoke to Alastair shortly after the announcement was made:

“I do not recall Custodian of the Barony Register being one of the jobs mentioned in Careers Guidance, but I am looking forward to taking on the role. Sir William Fettes, as well as being a Baronet, almost certainly also owned a number of Baronies, and I will look out for his signature in any that I am asked to register.”

Congratulations to Alastair and we wish him all the best in this new role!