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On Tuesday evening, September 6th, Fettes College was fortunate to host the esteemed Mr Peter Gray QC, an Old Fettesian (Glencorse 1972-1977), for a talk about studying law in the UK.

He gave practical guidance and advice on what to study at university in order to pursue a career in law, with tips on applying to universities in the UK.

Mr Gray introduced the different fields of study that aspiring lawyers can pursue, and by extension how to forge a career outside of university as a barrister or solicitor. He originally studied to become a solicitor before deciding in his last year of studyto become a barrister instead. He specialised in criminal law before moving to Scotland and studying corporate homicide.

Some key quotes of the evening were: “Always be thinking about building up your CV, this is what distinguishes you from other applicants”, “Tax law – horrendous”. He even included a book recommendation for all law students: “East – West Street”. I appreciated Mr Gray coming to speak about studying law and its many intricacies, I believe we all expanded our knowledge on this topic.  

Written by Careers Prefect, Fletcher L.