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We were treated to an exceptional virtual panel event on Thursday 12th November in honour of our 50 years of girls at Fettes.  Dame Stella Manzie DBE (Ar 1976-1978), Dr Alison Brown, PhD (Ca 1973-1975) and Dr Jo Twist OBE (Ar 1986-1991) provided a meeting of great minds, giving us their view on the next five years… from Leicester, Colorado and London. They gave a fascinating and uplifting view on the global pace of change from their perspective. There were key thoughts on technological enablement, digital literacy, creativity, tolerance, the environment, humanity and care.  This event was expertly chaired from New York by Poppy Mitchell-Rose (Inv-CW 1991-1998) and well attended by around 200 OFs, members of the Sixth Form, staff, former staff and parents.  You can listen to a full recording of this intelligent, inspirational and insightful conversation below. Please note the introductions to the panel are audio only, the full visual panel viewpoints begin at 05:22


Dr Jo Twist OBE (Ar 1986-1991) Jo is the CEO of UKIE, the trade body for UK games and interactive entertainment. She holds an enviable list of influential positions across the creative industries. 

Dame Stella Manzie DBE (Ar 1976-1978) Stella has held senior positions in public service. She is currently Chair of University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire. 

Dr Alison Brown, PhD (Ca 1973-1975) Alison is President and CEO of NAVSYS Corporation. She is an acclaimed engineer and academic and a global expert in Global Positioning Systems.  

Poppy Mitchell-Rose (Inv-CW 1991-1998) Poppy is International Partner at the Communications Agency Freuds. Previously she was Special Advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

“I found it really encouraging, and deeply inspiring to hear these insightful speakers. What shone though was empathy, humility and a very genuine desire to improve our society. Hearing this from women in such key positions gave me hope, as well as making me feel proud and grateful to be an OF.” (CE 1990-1991)

“For me, in the 50th year of girls at Fettes, it has been a particular pleasure to hear tonight’s panel and to think of all the girls who have been at Fettes over the last 50 years. On behalf of all the Fettes pupils, I want to say thank you so much.” (Head Girl, Lucy R.)

“My first thought was how fluent , confident and  well informed the speakers were… Fettes has every right to feel  very proud of its wise decision to finally open the school gates to girls in 1970.” (Gl 1951-1955)

“What a wonderful range of speakers from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I know I left the call feeling very buoyant and hopeful for the future. Thank you again to all and congratulations on 50 years of girls and young women at Fettes.” (Current Parent)