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With the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 31st October - 12th November 2021 we took the opportunity to explore the issues and to learn from Old Fettesian experts who work in this highly important area. 

To coincide with COP26 we put great effort into communicating key messages around Climate Change, involving the whole Fettes community. OF experts provided insight and inspiration on webinars, video messages and posters. We promoted OFs working in this area and the Development Team worked with colleagues in Geography and Economics to promote this content to students.

As part of the programme, we were honoured to be joined by climate change expert Martin Lees (CE 1955-1960) on 2nd November to hear his thoughts on this key subject. It was a fascinating conversation that was attended live by over 400 members of the Fettes community including OFs, current and past parents and current students and staff. Martin is a true expert in sustainability and climate change having been working with governments across the globe on these critical issues for the last 26 years. If you have not yet heard this conversation or would like to listen again, we have released the recording of the event as a podcast so you can listen to it wherever suits you best. Access it on the Fettes Community podcast channel here or listen below.


We also interviewed a number of OFs working in various climate change related careers. These videos were shared with students to help them understand the huge range of pathways and skills that can be put to use in this sector. OF profiles and informative posters were also shared in school and on social media. We were exceptionally grateful to:

  • Rob Bradley (Ki 1983-1987), Conservation and Water Industry Expert 
  • Melissa Wilson (CW 2009-2011), co-founder of Champions for Earth
  • Jenni Morrison (CW 2010-2012), Strategy Analyst in Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • Stefan Lees (Inv-Gl 1994-2000), Sustainabke Development Advisory in Peru
  • Iain Pickles (Ca 1997-1999), Food Waste and Recycling Expert
  • Nicki Lange (Ca 2008-2010), Ambassador for Oceanic Global, plastic pollution prevention
  • And one anonymous OF who works in Environment and Development 

Then after COP26 was over, on 19th November, we hosted a Fettes in Conversation: Finance and Climate Changewebinar with Global Head of ESG Research at HSBC, OF Wai-Shin Chan (Gl 1993-1998). This webinar reflected on the outcomes of COP26 as well as the broader Finance and Climate Change topic. It was attended by students, staff, OFs and parents and is available on the Fettes Community podcast channel here or listen below.

During the course of our COP26 programme we were approached by Prep Parent, Navraj Ghaleigh, who is currently Senior Lecturer in Climate Law at the University of Edinburgh. Navraj was previously a barrister in London and Lecturer at King's London, He undertook his graduate work at the University of Cambridge, the European University Institute (Florence) and the University of California, Berkeley (Fulbright Scholar). We recorded a podcast interview with him recently which is now live. Access it on the Fettes Community podcast channel here or listen below.


All podcasts are available by searching for 'Fettes Community' on your preferred podcast provider.