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On 29th November, 23 Old Fettesians gathered for the bi-annual Edinburgh Old Fettesian Lunch at the Royal Scots Club.  

A regular event in the OF calendar, this time was particularly special. While a wonderful occasion for friends to gather, there was a notable absentee. Ian MacIntyre (Ca 1953-1958), the long-standing organiser of the lunches, passed away in September of this year. As OFs gathered, Ian was fondly remembered by those in attendance, with President of the OFA, Amanda Forsyth (Ar 1982-1984), sharing a few words.  Despite Ian’s absence, the spirit he had instilled in the lunch continued, and a good time was had by all. 

The lunch was the first attended by Helen Harrison as Head of Fettes College.  Helen provided all those in attendance with the latest news from the School and beyond, providing an update on Fettes Guangzhou. Running through all things Fettes, Helen gave OFs the summary of a typical weekend at the School now. It was great example of how somethings never change, and others do: while the busy and varied schedule was familiar to OFs, some of the activities were new, including mountain biking!