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It was very special to host Carringtonians for a Sunday Lunch and House Visiting on Sunday 2nd October to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the House.  The former Housemasters who were able to travel joined us and all were delighted to reconnect with some of their previous students. 

  • Robert and Sheena Philp (Ca HM 1975-1986)
  • Sadly Nick and Jill Ridley (Ca HM 1986-1994) were unable to travel.
  • Gregg and Allison Davies (Ca HM 1994-1999)
  • Rob and Helen Harrison (Ca HM 1999-2005)
  • David and Claire Goodenough (Ca HM 2005-2009)
  • James and Andrea Weatherby (Ca HM 2009-2021)
  • Sam and Leila Shelley (Ca HM 2021-present)

At lunch, Fettes families were represented with relatives going back as far as 1890.  Despite there being 14 Housemasters in the 150 year lifetime of the House, the Old Fettesians in the room were connected to a total of 10 of the 14. We were particularly thrilled to have been joined by the daughters of the 7th HM, MC Leslie who was Housemaster from 1960-1975.

After lunch there was a note of welcome from OF Governor and former Carringtonian Roy Leckie (Ca 1985-1990). Roy also took the opportunity to thank recent Housemaster James Weatherby and his wife Andrea for their time at the helm of Carrington which ended upon James’ appointment as Senior Deputy Head and during the pandemic when gatherings to thank them were not possible. 

Rob Harrison, Ca HM 1999-2005 provided an informative and entertaining address to celebrate the 150 years of Carrington cleverly linking the House spirit of belonging with the history. Speaking on behalf of all Housemasters past and present he talked of the privilege of guiding the members of the House and watching them grow combined with the joy of seeing those former students many years later in their adult lives. 

Sam Shelley then invited all present down to Carrington to visit the House. The Carrington pipers played in welcome and current students greeted the guests.  They toured in small groups and both OFs and current Carringtonians enjoyed seeing familiar places and sharing stories of then and now. 

"It's an honour to have shared this house with so many amazing people, from all over the world. I hope that this historical house will still be here in another 150 years."

– Ca, 5th Form Student

"I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the numerous old Carringtonians and seeing generations who I know have walked through the same corridors as I am doing now."

– Ca, L6th Form Student

It is often said that within a week of joining the College everyone at Fettes feels like their House is THE best House and the place where they live, where they belong and where their closest friends are made. The momentous Carrington House anniversary definitely brought out those feelings amongst the former residents and the current ones.