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Fettes hosted its annual Commemoration Event on Saturday the 5th of October, in which Old Fettesians returned to Fettes, enjoying an opportunity to reminisce with old friends and teachers.

For the Lower Sixth Form, this was a very special occasion due to our Lifting the Lid on careers hog roast. Pupils who left the school either five or ten years ago convened in the MacLeod Centre with useful advice for us regarding university and beyond. It was very helpful to practice networking skills in a more familiar and informal environment. Additionally, it was inspiring to see their various successes, from conservation work helping tigers to a charity fashion catwalk to success in law and medicine. This really helped to reduce our fears for an uncertain future, as every guest had the same clear message: while our life paths may change in any direction, the education we get here at Fettes makes us flexible and gives us the core skills for a career in any sector. 

I am very grateful to all of the Old Fettesians who took the time to reassure and inspire us with their wonderful stories of life after Fettes, and I am sure every pupil who attended this event left with aspirations for future success.

Written by Laima G