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On Thursday, 9th May a small group of OFs got together at James Hoban’s Irish Restaurant and Bar in Washington DC. The gathering included two Trustees from our US-based charity, Friends of Fettes College Inc., Alison Brown (Ca 1973-1975) and Nick Burnett (CE-Ar 1963-1968) who were joined by Willy Morgan (Mo 1967-1970) and his wife Suzanne and Doug Poole (Ca 1975-1979).

Nick Burnett has reported that “….there was much amusing back and forth, since we had not been at Fettes at exactly at the same time. We learned how things had evolved over a 15 year period, the most important and welcome, we all agreed, being when Fettes became coeducational. There was also a lot of discussion of the performance and characteristics of the various headmasters and housemasters we had encountered!”

Gatherings such as these, no matter how big or small, demonstrate that our warm and engaged global community are willing to connect with each other wherever they are and whenever they were at school. Our US Trustees are every keen to engage with more members of our community across the United States. This group is already planning their next Washington DC gathering in the Autumn. 

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