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On Wednesday 26th June, a group of Edinburgh-based OFs gathered together in the Refinery in St Andrews Square. Their hosts were the two most recent OFA Committee Members, David Hay (Ca 1991-1996) and Abigail Gliksten (Ar 2009-2011). This gathering was a happy, informal affair for OFs across the generations. From Douglas Rew, who left Fettes in 1964, to Kyle Tainton, who left fifty years later in 2014, everyone was pleased to have the opportunity to talk and share their Fettes memories. 

Guests included not one, but two OFA Treasurers - current incumbent Richard Llewellyn (Mo 1987-1992) and his predecessor Jonathan Norrie (JS-Gl 1981-1989) - and one former OFA President, Ian Gardiner (Mo 1963-1968).

David and Abigail are very keen to run informal gatherings like this in Edinburgh a couple of times a year and everyone present was asked to help spread the word!  OFs in the Edinburgh area will be contacted when the next date is fixed, so do keep an eye on your inboxes. In the meantime, you can keep up to date with all planned events and register for them here.