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On Friday, 3rd May, Old Fettesians filled the Douglas Room at the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh for a convivial 'Edinburgh Lunch'.  Guests gathered for drinks and then moved on to enjoy a three course meal. Conversation flowed, with OFs re-connecting, reminiscing and making new acquaintances through the common bond of Fettes. OFs discussed an array of topics including athletics records, Area, the modern curriculum, golf, politics, investment and the economy and everyone joined together to offer warm birthday wishes to one of our guests.

We are most grateful to OF Ian MacIntyre (Ca 1953-1958) and to OFA President, Amanda Forsyth (Ar 1982-1984) for their speeches and for their support in the organisation of this regular event.

We look forward to welcoming more Old Fettesians to our soon to be announced Summer Drinks or to the next 'Edinburgh Lunch' which will take place in the Autumn. For those in the locality we also have an OF Borders Dinner taking place on the 24th May.