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This year's Iain Macleod Award was won by Isaac A and Rory B’s joint submission. They plan to investigate the influence of the former Soviet Union and other countries on the culture of Estonia. The award winners said that this trip will be an amazing culmination of their own classroom studies of the politics of Eastern Europe, experiencing them first-hand

For 44 years, the Iain Macleod (Mo 1927-1930) Award Trust has granted a small sum of money annually towards an 'unusual' travel-based project put forth by current Fettesians, after a competitive application process. The Trustees of the award have looked from the outset for a sense of fun in keeping with the 'impish' side of the late Iain Macleod's character. The Iain Macleod Trustees are all Old Fettesians and their annual grant to the school also provides a sum of money towards the coveted Iain Macleod Debating Prize.

Recent winners have been able to see the architecture of the Adriatic, study the historical significance of Oman, take an artistic trip through the Western Isles, and witness the Northern Lights in Iceland.