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Privacy Statement


This Privacy Statement relates to data processed by both the Fettes Foundation (“Foundation”), a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland, charity registration number SC028350 and company number SC189253 and The Old Fettesian Association (“OFA”), an unincorporated association who are joint data controllers with ICO registration numbers Z6756940 and Z6756906 respectively. Also referred to as “The Development Team”, “We”, “Us” or “Our”. 

Our purpose

The role of the Development Team is to connect and empower the Fettes community across the globe to support each other and the work of Fettes College. We build and maintain relationships with an ever-growing number of Old Fettesians, parents, staff and Friends of Fettes. Our work consists of the following strands, namely:

  1. Supporting the Old Fettesian Association to create opportunities for Old Fettesians to engage with each other and the College. 
  2. Creating and managing opportunities for the wider Fettes community to engage with each other and the College.
  3. Facilitating the provision of career support and the development of career connections for Pupils and Old Fettesians through the Fettes Career Partnership Programme.
  4. Raising philanthropic income for the Fettes Foundation for the benefit of Fettes College and its pupils.

In order to support the successful delivery of each of these strands we collect and retain up to date (relevant, but not excessive) information on individuals who make up the Fettes community.

About this Statement

This statement should be read in conjunction with the Fettes College Privacy Notice. The purpose of this statement is to offer more detail about how we process data in order to deliver our objectives, as outlined above.

Our aim is to be transparent about what we do and to make it easy for individuals to control the use of their data based on their preferences. We are committed to respecting your privacy and protecting any personal information we hold on you.

Where information is stored
  • Raisers Edge NXT (Provided by Blackbaud) – A cloud-based database solution

  • Online Express – A tool provided by Blackbaud which allows us to process online donations, event registrations and payments and send electronic communications

  • Graduway – The database that sits behind This system allows us to offer members of the Fettes community access to a private network of Old Fettesians, Staff, Parents and Friends of Fettes. More information about how we use data from Graduway is outlined on page 4.
  • SDS Platform – Hosts materials in The Fettes College Digital Archives.
  • Event registration platforms such as Ticket Tailor, Event Brite
  • Fettes College network (Shared hard drives, individual hard drives, outlook accounts)
  • Paper filing systems 
  • Personal devices and email accounts belonging to OFA Committee Members, regional representatives or activity coordinators who do work on our behalf
Whose data we collect

We collect data for individuals who fall into one or more of the categories listed below. This list is not exhaustive and represents the current, former and prospective stages of each category in the list:

  • Pupils*
  • Parents
  • Staff
  • Friends of Fettes 
  • Contractors and suppliers
  • Charitable Trusts and other organisations

* Only name, house, entry year and relationships are stored for current pupils.  We will generally not need to make contact with pupils during their time at school, although sometimes contact may be required. For example, gathering contact preferences, liaising with prize-winners or sharing Fettes Career Partnership information. If we must contact a current pupil, we will always use their school email account.

What type of information we store
Personal information we store about you may include:
  • Name, title, gender, date of birth

  • Postal address, email address and contact phone numbers

  • School years attended, first house and senior house
  • Internal school awards/achievements
  • School activities and interests
  • Exclusion details
  • Familial relationships
We may also collect and hold additional information about you, such as:
  • Donations made to support the Fettes Foundation

  • Bank details (for regular donors, to process refunds for event registrations or expenses)

  • Gift Aid Status/Declaration Forms
  • Interest and/or attendance at events
  • Communications sent to and/or received by you
  • Contact preferences
  • Willingness to assist with the Fettes Career Partnership Programme
  • Employment information and professional activities
  • Higher Education information
  • Media Coverage 
  • Donor Giving Level (Founder, Patron, Steward, Donor)
  • Additional information sourced via external organisations or research found via online resources (See ‘Additional information sources’ on page 3)
  • Any additional information provided by you to the Development Team 
  • Any additional information provided by a member of the Fettes community. If required, we may contact you to validate information about you obtained in this manner
What we do with your information
  • Sending communications via post, telephone or electronically, examples of which include:

  • Information on fundraising activities which may include a targeted request to consider giving financial support to the Fettes Foundation
  • Information regarding donations, direct debits or gift aid
  • Invitations to Fettes College events which may include events where funds are raised for the Fettes Foundation
  • Invitations to Old Fettesian events (Sometimes, this may be done by a Regional representative or activity coordinator on our behalf)
  • Communications relating to the Fettes Careers Partnership programme such as invitations to Lifting the Lid events, Business Breakfasts and information about how to get involved
  • News and updates from The Old Fettesian Association such as The Old Fettesian Newsletter, The Fettesian (for subscribers and leavers), or e-newsletters
  • Surveys to request feedback on how we can make improvements in our work
  • Other relevant communications depending on your relationship with us
  • Analysis of data using external consultants or in-house research, including gathering information from publicly available resources (See Additional information sources’ below)
  • We may use tools to track electronic communications with you such as email tracking to assess the quality of our data and delivery/open rate statistics for a particular communication. 

Use of personal data as outlined above will be made in accordance with our legitimate interests unless we are obliged to process any data in accordance with duties imposed on us by law. 

The Fettes Foundation will not process data (in any of the ways outlined above) for those who have opted out of hearing from us and we will ask for consent to send any of our fundraising communications by email.

If you would like to opt out from any of the communications or activities listed above, or change your communication preferences, you can do so at any time by contacting

Additional information sources
  • Employment and/or location information available publicly on social media websites

  • Newspaper articles, online publications and company websites

  • Companies House and other company information sources

  • OSCR (Scottish Charity Regulator) and the Charity Commission registers

  • Any other publicly available resources

  • External consulting organisations who may analyse our data to allow us to assess affinity, wealth and/or propensity to give support

You can opt out, at any time, of your data being used in any of the ways outlined above. If you wish to opt out of these practices, email and we will update your preferences accordingly. 

Who we share your information with
We will never disclose your data to third parties unless we require a third party data processor to carry out work on our behalf. Examples of which include:
  • Database or portal providers as outlined in ‘Where we store your information’
  • Mailchimp to assist with some email communications
  • Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is used to process some donations
  • Rapidata to process direct debit donations
  • Mailing houses who send our bulk mailings such as our Floreas Fettesia brochure and the Old Fettesian Newsletter
  • External consulting organisations who may analyse our data to allow us to assess affinity, wealth and/or propensity to give support
  • Regional representatives and activity coordinators, committee members or volunteers acting on behalf of the Old Fettesian Association. 

When we share data with a third party, we will always ensure that we have the necessary contracts in place to ensure the security of your data.

Data processed for archiving purposes
  • Any individual who has attended Fettes College for one term or longer will be recorded in our database as an ‘Old Fettesian’. The minimum amount of data recorded will be the individual’s First Name, Middle Names, Surname, preferred names or nicknames, name of first and/or senior boarding house, start year, end year and ‘year of’ and contact preferences.

  • Any individual who has been employed by Fettes College for any period of time may be recorded in our database as ‘Former Staff’ or ‘Current Staff’. The minimum amount of data recorded will be the individual’s First Name, Middle Names, Surname, preferred names or nicknames, position, house associations (if relevant) and contact preferences.
How your data is used online

The Internet is not a secure environment. While we take reasonable measures to keep your information secure, we cannot guarantee your online data security. We are not liable to you for any loss of data, injury or harm which occurs to you as a result of the transmission of your information over the Internet, unless this occurs as a result of our negligence or wilful misconduct.

Fettes Community (powered by Graduway)

Fettes Community is a private online community which is powered by Graduway. It is a private network for members of the Fettes community. It offers users a wide range of functionality such as:

  • Updating your personal information
  • Accessing a member directory
  • Accessing news updates via the newsfeed or emails/email digests
  • Networking with other members
  • Offering and seeking career advice and mentoring
  • Accessing photos and photo albums
  • Access to the Fettes Digital Archives. More information about the archives is outlined below.
Users of Fettes Community should be aware of the following:
  • You play an important role in protecting your information. Please safeguard your username and password to prevent unauthorised access to your account.

  • If you choose to login with LinkedIn, Facebook or Google some of the data in these profiles will be synced to your profile.

  • We will use data provided in the platform to keep our database, The Raiser’s Edge, up to date. Data will be used in line with the information in the rest of this Privacy Statement.

  • We are responsible for moderating the site and will remove content if it is deemed inappropriate.

  • will allow us to access data analytics which will detail user’s activity on the site. Please note that we cannot monitor internal messages between users.

Social Media Sites

We manage the following social media accounts:

Our social media channels allow us to share news, photographs, school activities and archival materials. Posts that contain personal data may include:

  • News articles that highlight special achievements (such as sporting achievements, awards, book publishing, events) of members of our community. 
  • Photographs that we share to promote events or simply to share memories from the Fettes archives. Please see below for more information about the Fettes archives. 

If you are unhappy with the use of your photo on any of our social media channels, please let us know and we will have it removed.

Fettes College archival material

A collection of historical photographs and print material exist in the Fettes College archive. We may from time to time share photographs with the Fettes community online, as outlined above. Certain documents and photographs will also exist in a digital online archive. More information about The Fettes College Digital Archives is below.

The Fettes College Digital Archives

The Fettes College Digital Archives contains a selection of archival material that has been scanned by a professional organisation called SDS. Old Fettesian Newsletters, The Fettesian Magazine and School Photographs will be available in the Digital Archives. These documents contain personal data and will be searchable. 

Only members of the Fettes community will be able to access the Digital Archives via our Fettes Community Portal. Whilst we can limit the access, we cannot guarantee that a user won’t share their login details with someone outside the Fettes community. We are very proud of the Fettes College Archives and very excited to be able to give the Fettes community access to a little part of the School’s history. We will promote fair use of the platform and will encourage those with access to treat this valuable asset with respect.

If you are unhappy with the use of your data in the Fettes College Digital Archives please do get in touch with us by emailing our archivist Craig Marshall at