Career Partnerships

By tapping in to real-world advice from Old Fettesians and parents, we offer our pupils an incredible start to their career exploration.

As well as bespoke career topic events such as Careers Day and opportunities to Meet the Experts we also arrange business networking events hosted in key international hubs such as London, Edinburgh and Hong Kong. These events enable the Fettes community to engage, build and develop their own professional and personal networks.

In those vital early years at university, our OF undergraduate community has the opportunity to seek support with CVs, internship applications and advice to help them gain experience at the start of their career through our alumni connections.

We are indebted to the thousand strong global Fettes connected community who are willing to offer support and advice in this way, assisting those #fettesnextsteps.


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We are very grateful to all who assist us with everything from a quick email exchange to a phone call or meeting. If you can offer a friendly connection or perhaps you are seeking support from the Fettes family please get in touch. We will try our best to find a global contact with a Fettes association to offer some advice.

Karen Jones (née Houston) (Ar 1989-1991)

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Latest News

Fettes College Careers Day 2020

This term we had the pleasure of welcoming over 430 people to our Annual Careers Day.

We were joined by 28 Universities, 11 Direct Employers & Graduate Apprenticeships, 8 Gap Organisations, The Glenmorangie Company, The Scottish Government, Newcastle University Student Outreach Team and a wealth of current parent and OF industry professionals.

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