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Fettes provides a strong foundation for the future and a family for life. Whilst for our Leavers, Founder's Day marks the end of their time at the school, it is just the beginning of the next step in their Fettes journey. Leavers are warmly welcomed into our vibrant community of Old Fettesians (OFs) all around the world.

Fettes produces ambitious alumni, many of whom end up being inquisitive global explorers, always ready to offer a friendly welcome and a helping hand to fellow OFs who follow in their footsteps.

The Old Fettesian Association (OFA) helps OFs to keep in touch with each other, supports an array of gatherings across the globe and produces an annual Old Fettesian Newsletter, packed full of OF and Fettes news and stories. These activities are supported by the OFA committee and a group of regional representatives who volunteer their services and time and ensure that OFs everywhere feel welcome, wherever they may live or travel.

Upcoming Events

Commemoration Weekend

In October, former pupils from 5 to 70 years past return to Fettes for the annual Commemoration Weekend. It involves a full and varied programme of events, including an incredible dinner on the Saturday night. 



Get In Touch



The Old Fettesian Coordinator, Vivienne Clark, works within the Development Team at Fettes.

Old Fettesians are welcome to get in touch to update their details, arrange a visit to the school and find our more about upcoming events.


Old Fettesian Newsletters



Sadly Departed




"Fettes College is a springboard for every Leaver to begin their journey in life, whatever that path ends up looking like, and I hope that the spirit of inclusivity is one strongly felt".

Amanda Forsyth (née Baker), OFA President (Ar 1982-1984) pictured above with her daughter, Sandy Forsyth (Ar 2009-2018)



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