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Careers Day 2021

Careers Day at Fettes

As Careers Day cannot take place physically this year, we have created a series of virtual events instead; aiming to be just as inspiring and informative. The key purpose of these virtual events is to provide students and their parents with ideas and context to assist in making informed decisions about higher education and career journeys beyond school.  

Our theme for this year is thinking about how to shape your future; building interpersonal skills and filling your time productively.

Head's Welcome


Jack O’Toole - Student Outreach Coordinator

Jack is a highly experienced student outreach coordinator and has been coming to Fettes College Careers Day for a number of years. Although he is employed by Newcastle University, his presentation applies to all students as he provides an insight into the choices you will need to consider to ensure the most positive outcome.

Alumni Career Stories

Our fantastic Old Fettesians have kindly recorded some short videos to share their career journeys so far. Their tips and insights into life after Fettes and the working world, should hopefully help you clarify your thoughts about the right career path for you. We hope these videos will encourage you to have confidence in your future career choices. Remember, there are so many incredible opportunities out there. 


Millie Brown

Old Fettesian, 2007-2014

Millie attended the University of Glasgow where she studied Geography. She is a very talented hockey player and was called up to play for the Scotland Women's Senior team. She discusses the life choices, internships, professional relationships and her Masters at Imperial College London. She is currently part of the New Energy Finance team at Bloomberg.

Rory Hardie

Old Fettesian, 2012 - 2014

Rory attended the University of Aberdeen to study History. At university he got involved in both the hockey and debating societies. He used his summer holidays to gain work experience in Asset Management which helped him obtain a graduate role at Aberdeen Standard Investments. He also discusses taking a Gap Year post university and details about his current role in Asset Management. 

Emily Cheadle

Old Fettesian,  2015-2017

Emily is a 4th Year veterinary student at the University of Glasgow. From 9 years old Emily knew she wanted to be a vet. She shares what is like to be a student at Glasgow and expresses in detail what it is like to study Veterinary Medicine, the skills you need and the importance of work experience. Emily states that the people she met influenced her positive university experience and encourages you to join clubs to help develop new friendships.  

David Biddulph

Old Fettesian, 2005-2016

David took a Gap Year and was then accepted onto the International Systems Services Award, a government project which takes young people to destinations around the world to work on a variety of initiatives. He also completed an Internship at C. Hoare & Co, a bank in London, before attending the University of Exeter to study History. Currently he is studying a Masters in History at St Andrews University. David also discusses his love for travelling and how he felt Fettes helped him prepare for the transition from school to university.

Hugh Dingwall

Old Fettesian, 2009-2014

Hugh attended the University of Newcastle, where he studied Geography. He discusses his course in detail and the importance of selecting a subject that you find interesting. He thoroughly enjoyed living in Newcastle and shares his experience of the student lifestyle there. After university he took a Gap Year and expresses the impact travelling had on his life. Hugh decided to join the Army and he shares his journey so far.  

James Goodenough

Old Fettesian, 2004-2014

James attended the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland where he studied Music Performance on the French horn and then a masters degree. He discusses the coursework and life at a university that is all in one building. James highlights the importance of work experience and the process of attending auditions for places on orchestral experience schemes. He is currently teaching music at Fettes, George Watson’s and freelance in Edinburgh.  

Fenella James

Old Fettesian, 2008-2015

Fenella attended the University of Cambridge where she studied Classics. She discusses balancing studying with the social and sport aspects of university life as well as the importance of researching internships and graduate schemes as early as possible. Fenella attended PwC’s Woman of Business Insight Week in her first year of university and was subsequently offered a 6-week internship in her second year then offered a place on their 3-year graduate scheme when she’d completed her degree. Before beginning the graduate scheme, she spent a year teaching Latin where she learnt many skills that have been useful in her current role at PwC.

Alexandra Aird

Old Fettesian, 2012-2014

Alexandra currently works and lives in Hong Kong, where she is doing her two years of training at a law firm. After studying Law at the University of Edinburgh, she took a one year working holiday, working as a tutor in Hong Kong, and taking time to decide her next steps. She shares details about her Law degree and the challenges you may face when transitioning from school to university. 

Josh Law

Old Fettesian, 2012-2014

Josh attended the University of Kent where he studied Economics as a basis for going into the finance and banking sectors. He discusses adjusting to life after Fettes and the importance of managing your time. When considering graduate schemes, he highlights the need to be proactive and apply early to help you stand out. Josh completed the Global Graduate Scheme in Wealth and Personal Banking at HSBC where he now works as a Group Strategy Associate.

Ralph Shackleton

Old Fettesian, 2004-2015

Ralph is currently a student at the University of Glasgow in his final year of his degree in Medicine. He discusses his experience of researching and applying to study Medicine as well as what student life in Glasgow is like.

Ali Waugh

Old Fettesian, 2009-2016

Ali attended Aberystwyth University where she studied Veterinary Bioscience. Her background in farming has kept her in farming and she now works as a Farm Worker/Assistant Manager on a Dairy Farm in Wales. She discusses her lifestyle and the importance of doing what makes you happy. She identifies the importance of work experience and connecting with people. Ultimately, she believes you make sure you choose the right path for yourself and do what you enjoy.

Tom Worlledge

Old Fettesian, 2009-2016

Tom was uncertain of the path he wanted to take after school and decided to take a Gap Year, to allow himself time to make the important decision on what was next. He took this time to work and travel and decided to attend Warwick University studying English Language and Linguistics. He discusses life at university, work experience, using his Fettesian network connections as well as the PWC graduate scheme

Vasily Shenshin

Old Fettesian, 2009-2013

Vasily attended Imperial College, where he studied Biochemistry specialising in Synthetic Biology in his third year. He discusses the importance of considering the style of teaching, the contact time and the options for specialising when selecting which university to attend. After Imperial College Vasily moved to Paris to complete his PhD and now works in business development & sales of high value reagents.

We wish you the best of luck with your career journey.

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