Visiting Fettes

In these uncertain times, we appreciate that people are unable to visit Fettes as they would normally do. We have therefore created a short film to give you a flavour of what a visit to Fettes would normally look like; student-led and full of personal insights. 

Fettes is a special place and our students the greatest ambassadors, so we asked them what they would tell you if taking you on a tour of their school. 

Although no substitute for an actual visit, we hope it inspires you and we cannot wait to meet you in person soon.


Virtual Appointments

We want to continue to bring Fettes to life so you can get to know us better and virtually meet key staff face-to-face.

You can book the following virtual appointments:

  • Admissions Introduction – general discussion relating to the admissions process including entry requirements
  • Housemaster or Housemistress  – for further information about boarding at Fettes in College and Prep
  • Mrs Helen Harrison, Head of Fettes College, for those looking for entry to Fettes College in 2021 and 2022  
  • Mr Adam Edwards, Headmaster of Fettes Prep, for those looking for entry to Fettes Prep in 2021 and 2022

To book any of these appointments, which will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time, please simply click below to email the Admissions Department or call them on +44 131 311 6744.

Click here for Admissions

Fettes College

Fettes Prep

"I am often asked what makes us special and I can confidently say that when you do get to visit us in person, you should be able to feel the distinctive ethos and atmosphere of Fettes. I look forward to welcoming you to experience what we offer for yourselves."

H F Harrison, Head, Fettes College

"Fun and excitement should be a central part of growing up and a healthy method of inspiring children to excel in every area of school life. In the classroom, on stage, on the sports field and in a host of other activities, Fettes Prep School pupils love life."

A A Edwards, Headmaster, Fettes Prep School

Campus Tour

Fettes College Lookbook

Fettes Prep Lookbook