Provisional Arrangements Sept 2020

Our aim with all our planning and thinking, is to look after your children in a safe environment and make sure that we deliver the best all-round boarding education possible, within the restrictions that are in place.

Throughout the Summer Term, Fettes staff have delivered an exceptional Learning From Home programme offering the very best educational experience that distance learning would allow. It is the same philosophy that is driving our plans for the return to school in September.

We cannot predict what the situation will be in September but we can provide reassurance and clarity by sharing our provisional arrangements that adhere to all current Scottish Government guidelines (currently including 2-metre physical distancing in place).

In planning for the eventuality of maximum physical distancing, we can then adapt our plans for any changes that happen between now and September. With careful planning, we are confident that we can safely undertake a six-day-a-week timetable that delivers a fulfilling all-round boarding education within the restrictions


Communication Timetable

In order ensure we are adapting to all guidelines as they are announced and give us time to replan where necessary, we will provide updates as follows.