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About Us

A Warm Fettes Welcome

Our Ethos

We are a community which believes in mutual support and co-operation. It is this happy, purposeful environment that encourages boys and girls to flourish and develop fully the skills and interests that they possess.

Being surrounded by supportive teachers and contemporaries gives our students the encouragement to try new skills and uncover talents they didn’t know they possessed.

Our mission at Fettes is to develop broadly educated, confident and thoughtful individuals who are prepared for life after Fettes and all the opportunities and challenges it will bring.  


Our Heritage

Fettes College is named after Sir William Fettes, twice Lord Provost of Edinburgh. Having lost his only son and heir in 1815, he decided to devote his wealth to ‘the maintenance, education and outfit of young people’.

The size of the bequest enabled the architect David Bryce to pursue a grandiose design for Fettes College. Bryce created what architectural experts agree is undeniably one of Scotland’s greatest buildings.

Fettes College first opened in 1870 educating 53 boys both fee paying and foundationers (bursary recipients). Under the formidable first Headmaster, Dr Potts, the School quickly gained a reputation for academic and sporting excellence, a reputation that has persisted and grown richer over time.



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